Human Resource Focus

Our people who drive this culture are what we call our critical links to the future. Our endeavor as Human Resources Department has hence always been to focus all our efforts in attracting the right talent, managing their aspirations and the organization's expectations in a mutually beneficial way while ensuring continuity.
Transformation Management, Facilitating the change process in the organization to meet future requirements.
The Company recruits people from the Industry depending on its requirement. The Company also engages labour on contract basis. The Company has maintained good relationship with the employees. There is easy availability of labour around the towns and cities where the plants of the Company exists.
The HR policies are built around the core values and beliefs of:
- Trust and faith
- Flexibility
- Open Culture
- Development of employees being the prime responsibility at the company level
- Concern for individuals
The Companies initiates, policies and procedures, evolved through a consultative process with its employees, have helped create a non-hierarchical, flexible and informal work environment. The Company believes that development of people is the prime responsibility of an organization. To create this environment, the Company has formulated a number of unique policies to develop individual potential. The key elements of the HR policy are:


The Companies aim is to attract the best available talent and effectively deploy the resources to meet the business requirements.

Training and Development

All new recruits are inducted through a structured training programme involving technical training by HR Team and Technical Team. Executive development courses are held for staff with supervisory responsibilities.

Employee Evaluation

The Company utilizes the employee evaluation as a tool for managing performance planning and motivating, evaluating and enhancing the performance of the employees to achieve the goals. Performance management seeks to establish and maintain an environment that supports the business processes and ensures that employee performance is evaluated against the achievement of objectives aligned to the goals.


The Company endeavor to provide the employees with a challenging work environment aimed at developing their individual potential and providing multiple opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Availability of water

Benifits to our employees

Fast Promotions
Timely Salaries
High Commisions
Mediclaim Policy for GL and above for Hospitalization Coverage
0% Intrest Free Vehicle Loans
Monthly PRI
Divisional Meetings
Divisional Cultural and Sports Meets
Mini and Mega Star clubs
Yearly Bonus
Good Career Prospects

How To Apply

Applications may be sent to e sent to with the subject as the position applied for.
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