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Our Research and Development is totally focused on enrichment of our existing agri-products. At Hariyali, we discover and develop next generation of commercial agri-products. The company invests substantially in R&D and concentrates its efforts on new biotech traits. Other R&D projects support the company's current products.

Teak Plants – The ‘PLUS’ advantage

Leading scientists joined hands with our expert R&D team to conduct an elaborate survey and identify certain areas from different parts of the country, from where seeds can be obtained. These seeds are collected from early maturing ‘Plus Trees’ or Mother Trees. Our expert team now uses modern propagation and green house technology for further production of Plus Trees.

Bud Grafted Teak Plants – The best of both worlds

Our dedicated R&D division has developed ‘Bud Grafting’, a unique concept of raising superior teak plants. Buds of identified plus trees are grafted on to the hardy seedlings raised through seeds from the wild. So while we get the faster growth on hand, the plant can adjust to adverse weather and soil conditions on the other.

Chelated Crop Specific Micronutrient Formulations – The real breakthrough

A major breakthrough for our strong R&D team, these crop-specific formulations are manufactured using Chelation Technology. The formulation supplies instant nutrients to the plants whether in a foliar spray form or as a soil application.

Plant Growth Promoters and Wetting Agents – Enhancing the efficiency

Our experienced R&D team incessantly directs its committed efforts towards improvisation and innovation. Thanks to that we are able to release unique products for the benefit of the farming community.

Wetting Agents – To enhance the efficacy of product during foliar spray.

These plant growth promoters and wetting agents increase the efficiency of agro chemicals like pesticides, fungicides, acaricides, herbicides and foliar fertilizers. In turn they help in overall growth of the plant.
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